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Level 2 Practitioner

Hello, my name is Ximena.

For most of my life, I’ve felt the longing to learn how to love beyond conditions, expectations, time and space. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to meditation, yoga and different spiritual traditions, that I really started understanding how this total openness to love was really possible.

After many years of immersing myself in the world of yoga and meditation, learning TVM brought a key missing piece of the puzzle of Love into my life, teaching me the importance of inhabiting this love in the body, and supporting ourselves and others to do so, through nervous system regulation.

It is from this longing for unconditional love, and from the recognition of this Love as our shared nature, that I choose to share this deep healing modality with anyone that is looking to meet themselves through the eyes of compassion and restore ease and peace back into their bodies and into their lives to recognize the love that lies within.

Level 2 Practitioner

TVM for Pregnant Women

TVM for Children

TVM for Pelvic Floor/ Sexual Trauma


WhatsApp: +525530130756


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