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Vicente Gannam

Level 2 Practitioner

Having worked in the mental health field for more than 25 years, I bring an extensive background that includes clinical work, strategic leadership, education, program development, as well as developing supports and services for first responders. Below are some highlights of my work experience that helped build the knowledge and experience that will allow me to contribute to the work of the institute: 

  • Clinical work individuals and group

  • Management of clinical and rehab programs for street youth

  • Development and delivery of state-wide training programs for other clinicians

  • Coordination of state-wide training for other clinicians

  • Providing advice for a state-wide, government funded initiative to address mental health and addiction problems

  • Working with approximately 30 correctional institutions and over100 probation and parole offices to implement policy changes and initiatives to address the mental health needs of people involved in the criminal justice system (prisoners, parolees, probationers)

  • Post-grad teaching (master’s level)

  • Strategic advice for government executives/teams (ministers and deputy ministers)

  • Ongoing risk management for government executives/teams

  • Development of communication strategies (state-wide, public and internal to government)

  • Coordination of large-scale events, delivered in person and virtually state-wide, available to up to 60K employees

  • Procurement processes to secure services and products, including all legal aspects

  • Development of mental health strategy for the Ministry of the Solicitor General (department of corrections) to support 8K first responders

  • Financial management of budgets of up to $25M

 I also bring knowledge of other alternative healing tools such as meditation, sound healing, qigong and drumming. I have been meditating for over thirty years and working with these modalities for the past five years. I have been prepared to do this work through trainings I received in Canada, US, UK, Brazil, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Thailand and Mexico. My view of the world is also impacted by being a trauma survivor, a person with a lived experience of mental illness, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a non-white immigrant from Brazil to Canada whose first language is not English. And more recently, also a member of the older adult community, 65+ .

Vicente Gannam
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