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Rebecca Menges

Advanced Practitioner

When you know, you know.

And this is, what happened to me with TVMTM. I attended the training without having ever

experienced a TVMTM-Session nor did I do a lot of research, what the modality is about and how it

works... and what can I say: It blew my mind away.

More so, it was the puzzle piece I didn't know I was searching for and one of the greatest gifts I

stumbled across in the last years.

Since then I’m passionately and deeply committed to enrich my clients life’s with the same

healing journeys I did experience.

In TVMTM I’m able to unite the different qualifications and experiences I learned and gained

throughout my life.

Since I can imagine (and definitely being positively impacted by my parents - dad an alternative

doctor and mum a music therapist) the human being and their healing has always been center of

my interests. I remember myself getting into psychosomatics (the connection between the body

and the soul/psyche) when I was still a teenager, learning about how strongly connected

everything is and that one part of healing is, realizing the union of our different systems and being

a detective, when it comes to imbalances in our health.

„I have never met a person who can empathize and listen to feelings as strongly as Becci.“

Creating a space for my clients to (finally) be seen and held, helping them to discover the blind

spots in their lives, connecting body, mind and soul through TVMTM, supporting and empowering

them with great passion and honest belief, that healing is possible and transformation will happen

are the core values of my work. Empathy and strong sensitivity for my clients needs and struggles

mixed with the deep desire and will to go beyond, support as much as I can, so that real

transformation is happening characterize my therapy. Never forget to add a little lightness and

ease into the - sometimes so heavy and deeply challenging - stories we go through together.

This is what you’ll expect working with me, and I am more than grateful to be part of the TVMTM

family, to be able to offer such a special and life changing modality and I wish for every one on

this world to be able to experience finally feeling connected to yourself, to your body again, as so

many TVMTM-miralces already did.

Rebecca Menges
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