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Noelia RP

Level 2 Practitioner

TVM for pelvic floor/ sexual trauma

Noelia studied the human body profoundly due to her degree and master's degree in Physiotherapy. For many years she approached healing with a very scientific perspective with many different modalities and techniques. But she felt that something was missing. A link between the body and mind with something else that she didn’t still understand. 

Over the last ten years, a deeper intuition of truth brought her to come closer to different modalities like Meditation and Yoga, but also with experimental-spiritual theater, where her body was able to bring the pain of her traumas to the surface, that it was held inside for so long. 

At the same time, she had the longing to go beyond and recognized that even embracing this life and honoring fully the body, that couldn’t be all, and it was when Non-Duality, Tantra, and Forgiveness came to her life to guide her path. 

However, science was always very present and valued by her. Somatic therapy and Triple Vagal Method (TVM) appeared in her life to add to her work and personal healing the missing piece.

In the present moment, she approaches her healing and her clients’ therapy from different angles, where Physiotherapy and Body Work, TVM, Somatic Healing, and Spirituality go together by hand acknowledging each of them as a very beautiful instrument for growth.

++34 630 26 00 53

Noelia RP
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