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Liz McCormack

Level 2 Practitioner

Hi My name is Liz,

I spent 14 years in a corporate background managing teams in a successful global company whereby I learnt many skills however it wasn’t fulfilling my purpose.

For the last 6 years I’ve continued to travel deeper into my own healing journey working through a lot of generational and personal trauma. Qualifying and practicing as a Tera Mai Reiki Master, Medical Reiki Master & Seichem Master with clients online and in person. I also qualified in holistic massage with Indian head massage therapy and was called to work with a plant medicine Ceremonial Cacao for the last 3.5 years to which I continue to offer ceremonies online and in person.

I worked for some time in a ceremonial setting with psylocibin and San Pedro and after integration trained as a Mentor where I support clients intuitively online working through emotional patterning, blocks. Limiting beliefs etc solo and in group settings . Here I incorporate mantra work, breathwork, movement, meditation also using my qualification in EFT (emotional freedom technique). In my work I tailor my experience to suit the clients needs. I am currently training as a shakti yoga dance teacher and am excited to incorporate this with my clients.

After a second period of nervous system “burn out” I l decided to give my nervous system the break it needed by leaving my corporate role and following my holistic path and my passions full time.

5 months ago i was guided to Mexico. I completed a Vinyasa teacher training here and received information around the Vagus nerve and it’s importance in humanity. I held online interactive workshops around The Vagus Nerve and after my first workshop the “TVM training with the intergrated Somatic institute” came up in my awareness. I knew this method was exactly what I’ve been searching for and the reason I came to Mexico.

I recently qualified as a TVM 2 practitioner and I am coupling this work with energy healing currently in person in Mexico to which my clients are having beautiful results.

I will be incorporating this method with clients online and in person in Ireland when I decide to return.

I am so grateful to have experienced the training it has been life changing and deeply transformative to which I know I have gained priceless tools to support clients with their transmutation process.

My passion has always been to support others and I believe your greatest pain can be the catalyst for your greatest gift. Working with TVM is the bridge to accessing your Gifts and I’d love to support you on your journey.


Liz McCormack
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