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Jyoti Mohr

Level 2 Practitioner

Jyoti is Yoga, Tantra- and Hypnosis Practioner. Her real passion is Breathwork. From conscious connected Breathwork, Rebirthing and TetraBreath  — she loves to work with this inner Healer, who is always available: your breath.

Her special Love is Holotropic Breathwork. Since two years she is in the TTC Training from Stanislav Grof and loves to Facilitate.

On this Path of inner work she met TVM in a tantra training in italy, and fell in love immediately. She canceled all her plans to travel to Mexico and learned everything, what she could, about this beautiful method. She did level 1 and 2 — twice.

Between these two trainings she took various massage courses to learn more about the beauty of touch.

Knowing about the attachments of addictions and Trauma from her own experience Jyoti loves to help others to finding savety in their own bodies.

She learned a lot in places all over the world and right now Jyoti is living and practicing in Germany, Hamburg.


Insta: @judithmohr

Jyoti Mohr
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