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Chris Munson

Level 2 Practitioner

Christopher currently lives in Tepoztlán, México. He is available to offer sessions in and around the Tepóztlan and CDMX areas as well as other parts of México if he travels. You can follow him on

Chris has educational background in mechanical engineering, Spanish, and philosophy. He has walked (sometimes flown) his personal journey through Zen Meditation, Jungian Depth Psychology, Shamanic work, and yoga. He trains in jiu jitsu, loves dancing, and finds a deep mysterious thrill in writing about enigmatic topics and helping people live fully animated lives. He has developed a philosophical system to help navigate these waters and draws upon profound lineages of love and wisdom. With this known, how does Chris approach healing?

When we talk about healing, when we talk about wounds, when talking about pain, we often do

not know what we are talking about. Rather than limit, I like to expand. There is so much depth

to the human psyche that your affective state does not need to depend on what happened 1, 2,

5 years ago! Yes, there are patterns that the psychic-physiological structure supports. But there

is no knower to know, no knowledge to be obtained, thus nothing to be fixed. When talking

about humans, no human is never broken; we, as humans, do have wicked strong psychological

defenses that our society does not adequately permit to dissolve. Considering a literal wound on

the body, perhaps a cut, we can see something to fix; the body goes to fixing it. Our automatic

unconscious life force works to restore balance. “You” don’t clot your blood cells for new skin to

grow over. In the same way, you don’t heal yourself, get over your trauma, overcome your fear.

Instead, you become something new, integrating the pain and seeing the fear and looking past

it. Often we say, “I am a survivor of so and so.” That is great–truly congratulations! Often we

need to speak about the event to bring it to the surface. Following, however, the ego seems to

have a challenging time leaving the trauma to be a decaying fall leaf returning to the soil. We

often block ourselves from seeing this reality, for very good reasons.

A better word for healing, I think, comes from the Spanish vocabulary, “sanar.”

Sanar -- para darse el tiempo y espacio a un proceso a mostrar lo que sea

It means to bring anew by giving time to show what is. The healer thus, gives one who is being

healed the opportunity to heal, removing themselves from their own way. The ultimate goal, in

my opinion, presents one with a new perspective and thus elevates consciousness to see that

what was once thought to be a problem actually represents a gift or something else–a new

perspective, freedom, love for life, insight, etc. Through our “wounds” we enter a new

perspective and thus undergo a rebirth. It can be less dramatic too, it may be transformed into a

“shit happens, oh well.” You can integrate how you see fit. Physical wounds cause us to

appreciate the body more, exercise more caution, and train our attention better. Psychic wounds

give us access to new consciousness, creating new connections and visions of new worlds. The

universe seems to love perspective.. the more perspectives the better! My goal as a healer is to

give you the tools to refresh your perspective, to create your perspective, to destroy your

perspective, to leave the idea of perspective... you get my perspective.

I want to help you heal. I want to give you the space to become the animated, spontaneous,

creative, loving, playful, disciplined, intelligent, soulful creature you are. It would be my pleasure

to help you find “the privilege of a lifetime [that is] to be who you truly are” (Carl Jung). From the

depths of my love and patience, I hope to share this gift with you through the TVM method.

Chris Munson
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