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Cathy Dam

Advanced TVM™ Practitioner

TVM™ Pelvic Floor

Cathy is a warm and dedicated holistic practitioner, known for her incredible touch and grounding energy. With a commitment to creating a safe and nurturing space for healing, she is devoted to guiding individuals along the path of elevation, remembrance, and authenticity.

Her introduction to TVM™ was a profound and life-changing experience. From the moment she received this powerful modality, she knew it held the key to not only healing herself but also assisting others on their journey toward personal growth. With a diploma in urbanism and additional certifications in sustainable and ecological building, and massage therapy, Cathy envisions a world where wellness and clean living bring people together. Her goal is to unite individuals in mutual support, facilitating the pursuit of their best lives.

Cathy's roots in Eastern culture have instilled in her an early understanding of somatics, introducing her to the intricate interplay of elements, energy, and meditation, and nurturing her awareness of the mind-body connection.

The essence of life is energy. In our energetic world where everything is interconnected, Cathy emphasizes the profound impact of energy on our well-being. Recognizing trauma as stagnant energy within the body, she believes in the transformative power of releasing such energy to elevate oneself and strengthen interpersonal connections. As human beings, our very nature is wired for connection—a built-in design that encourages love, communal living, and emotional bonds.

Cathy steps forward as a bridge to healing, offering herself as a guide to help you rediscover your authentic self. Her purpose is to support you on the journey of remembrance and reconnection, ensuring that you not only heal but thrive in your truest essence.

Connect with Cathy to start your transformative path today.

Cathy also practices in Canada when she's visiting.

Cathy Dam
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