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Callie King

Level 2 Practitioner

I found TVM through a persistent search for healing. For myself and for those I love - two and four legged.

For over 15 years my work has been with horses and people to foster better relationships, but

have always felt there was more opportunity to help, and that there were often very deep blocks

to the connections we all crave.

As a teenager and later an adult, I experienced several accidents where I had physical injury

and head trauma, with night terrors, depression, and a nagging sense of separation from all

around me.

What kept me going was my work with horses as they showed me a place of deep calm that is


A place where there is palpable presence and stillness.

Where the waves of good feelings come for no reason other than being.

I felt the connection back to myself and to something greater.

The first time I experienced TVM I felt these sensations - different yet so familiar. In TVM, I saw

a therapy that worked with the innate wisdom of the body, was effective, and was beyond the

barriers of language and mind.

TVM has been the connecting piece to my experience working in the non-verbal world of

animals and from them learning to observe and to understand our most basic movements,

reactions, behaviors, and feelings.

I believe that our bodies are seeking healing, and that we all have the capacity for well being,

and for happiness. We want to feel safe, to belong, to feel love.

TVM can guide you here and I would be honored to share this work with you.

I am currently working with clients in Puerto Escondido, Mexico, and am also researching TVM

for our furry friends!

Callie King
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