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The Integrated Somatics Institute is committed to providing the best in person trainings & online home study education courses in the fields of applied psychology, psychology of the body, psychosomatics & bodywork available. 


We believe that every person has the birthright to live free in their bodies and be released from the shackles of past traumas, we have dedicated ourselves to teaching Integrated Somatic Methods & Modalities to anyone; whether a professional bodyworker, psychotherapist, or somatics enthusiast that is willing to simply get educated in the field or become a practitioner. 

Somatic refers to body-oriented or body-centered therapy & is an expansive, emerging, multi-faceted field that affirms the inseparability of mind, body, and spirit. A Bottom - Up approach.


Somatics draw from the psychology of the body which sees the mind revealed not only in relational styles, dreams, and cognitions, but in neuro-physiology, posture, gestures, movement, bodily tensions and more. It explores the therapeutic possibilities of somatic roads to the unconscious and healing while still honoring the wisdom of general psychology and psychotherapy through expanding and contributing to it.




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Our Vision

We believe healing and knowing the goodness of life is our nature and birthright, we have a training mission dedicated to making high quality result oriented therapy available to all who seek it. 


Our Mission

To provide accessible, healing and transformation through online and in person trainings internationally to empower both practitioners and clients through sustainable healing. 


Because the body and mind aren't separate. We are indeed one interconnected being. It's not just about mentally knowing it; it's about actually feeling it to truly transform & heal it. 


"I was too afraid to even look myself in the mirror, I had come out of a seriously abusive 7 year relationship with a person who constantly told me I was ugly and a failure. Utilizing this modality (TVM), I started to feel good in my body again. I started laughing again, real honest laughter that was really from inside of me. I wasn't trying anymore. I laughed from my soul, and then I realized I could look at myself again in the mirror without fear or pain. I realized I am beautiful. I didn't need to convince myself. I AM BEAUTIFUL! I even took myself on vacation & booked an exotic photoshoot! Thank you for giving me back my life."

Chardonnay Charles, Sales Manager



Founder & Lead Facilitator

Dr. Majda Zachari

Maj is the founder & director of Integrated Somatic Institute and the intellectual developer & owner of the Triple Vagal Method (TVM). A highly compassionate therapist and international educator in the fields of PsychoSomatics & Healing.

She has studied with institutes like SOAS; University of London, University of Hull & Bellevue University. She also holds numerous certifications and trainings from Stanford University and the Gestalt Institute. She has also studied ancient healing methods in bodywork, meditation, tantra, silent retreats and embraced various spiritual practices.


Her main passion has always been to find a way to effectively heal her own traumas, alongside her clients. She had suffered with CPTSD, depression and other personal crisis like a failed first marriage and seeing her two children (Jacob & Jenna) suffer due to inheriting generational trauma that made her passionate about dedicating her life to the path of true and sustainable trauma healing. The desire to feel true liberation & inner peace inspired her to fuse eastern holistic modalities with neuroscience theory & bottom up psychology. As a result of extensive studies, countless trainings and years of practice in her therapy center; the Triple Vagal Method was born.  


In her teaching and counseling, she integrates over 20 years of experience in psychology, spiritual practices, leading healing & educational trainings and retreats into a powerful cauldron for rapid transformation.


Her mode of delivery combines humor & light heartedness to easily shift the harder blocks smoothly. She consistently gets 5 star reviews in her trainings feedback.

Lead Educator & Senior Facilitator

Senior Practitioner & Co-Facilitator

Xavier Bryon

As a young boy Xavier was fascinated by history, science, philosophy, poetry, psychology and consumed its education constantly.  

After high school, Xavier spent the following 20 years professionally training, certifying and licensing for over 5000hrs both in traditional academic institutes and body oriented modalities. He has held an international practice treating individuals as a multidisciplinary therapist studying and incorporating Medical Massage Therapy, Rolfing, Osteopathy, Manipulation of the Visceral, Organs, Nerves, Vasculature, Cranial and Energy Systems to help his clients not only treat their systems, but also help heal the deeper cores beginnings.


Xavier assisted Thomas Myers teaching Anatomy Trains Structural Integration 500 hour training in Toronto, Canada. He has also hosted and assisted Thomas Myers short courses - Bodyreading 101, Issues in the Tissues, Structural Bodywork on the Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Leg, and various other movement focused courses.


Xavier has also hosted and assisted best selling author of Yoga Anatomy Leslie Kaminoff in workshops in Toronto, Canada.


Xaviers trainings and education include an internationally certified professional Medical Massage Therapy Diploma, professional trainings with health coach Paul Check, Osteopathy with Jean Pierre Barral, Cranial Sacral trainings with Upledger Institute, Structural Integration & Rolfing with Thomas Myers, Visceral Manipulation with Liz Gaggini, Medical Qi gong and Various forms of Energy Work, Shiatsu, Practicing Yoga and Qi gong for 20 years alongside consulting for multiple nations Olympic teams over the years.   

Donya Nassimi

Donya is a TVM trauma transformation practitioner and a reiki II practitioner/energy healer. 


She has been in the personal development field for 5 years and has already received countless energy initiations, over 150 hours of  TVM training alongside other studies under Dr.Maj, and is extremely passionate about trauma transformation work! 


Seeing how transformative this work is and how it changed her life, she decided to walk away from her corporate job and devote her energy to practicing what she truly believes in. 


She has a compassionate, intuitive and science backed approach and can support you with overcoming depression, grief, resentment, abandonment, sexual trauma and help you feel safer and happier in your body! 

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